Secret Garden Glow Locket Necklace

Secret Garden Glow Locket Necklace

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Secret Garden Glow Locket® pendants, so delicate and lots of glow! Inspired by the classic book and countless secret garden tales. I have always dreamed of a beautiful secret garden where fairies are playing, and delicate flowers bloom all year long. I love the way this pendant looks when it glows, and you will too!

I am the original creator of this gorgeous glowing pendant. I assure you it is made from top quality materials, no plastic coated metal this is a high quality thick sterling silver plated pendant that glows amazing and certified in the USA non toxic. Free charging light included! I stand by my prices as I am a real US business and I like to provide quality and no shortcuts.

Which color to choose? Well the brightest and longest glowing is the green and aqua, followed by the blue and then the violet.

*** The violet is very special and needs ultra violet light to get that gorgeous color which means direct sun is needed to charge it, no windowsills. *** An ordinary light bulb will charge the other colors but not the violet. Those uv nail lights work too or a blacklight also works. Green, aqua and blue charge much easier than the violet, but my purple lovers out there do prefer the violet glow! If you are looking for something super glowie and charges easiest try the aqua, green or blue!

This gorgeous double sided, flat teardrop shape is about an inch tall and comes on 20 inch chain, all silver plated. It is beautiful in the daylight, charges in the sun or florescent light to glow a beautiful rich colors in the dark. Amazing to see glowing in dim light when pendant is charged up! More beautiful in person.

They are shiny silver in the daylight, and charged up to glow in the sun or uv/florescent light they will radiate a gorgeous true vivid color in the dark, and even in dim light.

I use the highest quality materials! I purchase all my glow from American suppliers that guarantee 100% non toxic materials. Recharges for 10+ years.

You have to wear to experience the magic. :)

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All items are described in the listing. I cannot accept returns on items because of size or color, or other issues that have been stated clearly on the listing. No color exchanges. All items are tested during creation, and before packing and actually packed while glowing to make sure all items glow before being shipped out. My jewelry is made a very specific way and is glowing during its creation and when I pack it to ship to you.

Made to order items cannot be returned.


Studio hours: 7 AM CST - 7 PM CST Mon - Fri. Please allow at least 24 hours to reply to message. Studio closed federal holidays.

Green and aqua are the brightest glow colors. If you are concerned with glow intensity get those colors. The violet needs ample UV rays from direct sunlight on bright sunny day, indoor lighting does not charge them so you need to wear outside! All items are tested during creation, and before packing and actually packed while glowing to make sure all items glow before being shipped out.

Different glow colors glow various lengths of time depending on amount of sunlight provided, different types of necklaces and styles will glow differently. Please wear in direct sunlight on a non cloudy day, during winter periods exposure to sunlight may need to increase. After being in sunlight for 30 minutes item will glow in the dark.

I hope to spread lots of beauty all around the world through my creations that you will see for sale here in my shop.


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